Moon and Aries Are Out To ‘Break The Matrix’

Music can be used to do many things. Strings of notes stacked together have been used in all situations. Our friends Moon and Aries are here to take it to another level. Their goal is to activate a higher version of reality with their music. A great start is their new EP Break The Matrix (Episode 1).

The project began back in March of 2021 during COVID 19 restrictions. Not because Jordana Moon and Tom Aries were locked up in the same room together, but from across the world. Working only through online communication and file sharing Moon and Aries was born. Together the self proclaimed Synth Pop Opera Duo has brought their talents together to create something for the betterment of the world. 

Moon and Aries are ready to start it off with the first part of a new trilogy of music called Break The Matrix. Episode 1 is three songs with a fusion of synthwave, retrowave, trip hop and soul. There are no limits with this pair.

Get ‘Closer And Closer’ With Moon and Aries

The opening track “Closer And Closer” sets the tone with a spacy electronic sound. Jordana delivers her sultry vocals with a true passion. Each word is delivered with purpose. The beat builds with layer on top of layer adding to the song. 

“The In Between” hits hard right off the bat with a strong drumbeat to provide the energy. Sounds start to creep in from all angles to fill up the full sonic spectrum. Pulling it back at times grabs the full attention of the listener. The emotion is provided and we are all here to accept it. 

The Episode wraps up with “Losing Control” as we try to hold on. Tom Aries takes the microphone for this one. His steady tone gives this song a darker vibe. The instrumentation matches that well. This pair can take us in multiple directions.

Keep up with Moon and Aries for more episodes of Break The Matrix on their WEBSITE

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