Come Experience The “Moonlight” With Gillian Heidi

Gillian Heidi is truly driven by her passion for music. Although Gillian is just sixteen years old, she creates music featuring powerful, reflective lyrics, rich vocals, and clever pop melodies. The music that the Boston-native creates is relatable, but never predictable. She expresses life’s ups, downs, and everything in between in a way that is thoughtful, poetic, and eloquent. Gillian brings a distinct soulful and passionate voice to her music, making her work even more emotive.

At a very young age, music seemed to choose Gillian. At four years old she was inspired by her older brother, and began to learn piano. And only a year later, she created her first composition. At the age of twelve, she found an interest in guitar and went on to teach herself how to play. Her influences include the likes of Taylor Swift and Ella Mai, amongst various others. Gillian’s singing and songwriting abilities are showcased in her 2019 debut EP, Unfiltered.

With each new release, Gillian continues to develop her own unique sound. The authenticity in her music has resonated with both fans and tastemakers. Having already received early press looks from the likes of Sweety High, Tigerbeat, and EARMILK, as well as over 500K streams, she is definitely an artist to watch going into 2021.

In her newest single, “Moonlight,” Gillian continues to showcase herself as a promising singer-songwriter. “Moonlight” blends an acoustic sound with thoughtful, poetic, and eloquent lyrics. Gillian paints us a picture showing the complexities and nuances of love and the emotions that surround it, in a way that allows her passion and authenticity to shine through. Gillian’s debut album 3AM is slated for release in early 2021, and I for one am genuinely excited to listen to it.

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