Don’t Sleep on ‘Electric Dreams’ by N2BLU

The constant stream of songs keeps coming from our friends from N2BLU. They just seem unable to slow down but it is paying off. Fans never have to wait too long to latch onto the groups next track. Prepare for ‘Electric Dreams’.

The dynamic duo of Jonathan Arceneaux and Konstantin Smorodnikov keep their musical experimentation going. With N2BLU they refuse to be confined by any one genre or style. Their music is fluid and a perfect pairing of their unique skills. Together it just works.

For their latest offering ‘Electric Dreams’ the experiments dive deep into dance music and the computer sounds that Konstantin has become a master of. There is a nostalgia among the modern sounds that makes the track relatable to all. N2BLU reckons it to those romantic comedies of the 80s and 90s. They were predictable and formulaic but we loved them anyway.  Notions of love at first sight, meeting the love of your life passing on the street, falling in love and living happily ever after, these are common themes that never die, like a fairy tale.

‘Electric Dreams’ is a love letter to a simpler time of romance. Before the sea of technology overtook us and connecting to the real world became a challenge. This song is for all the New Romantics out there.

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