Nescora Takes Us Home with “Rescue”

Folk singer-songwriter Nescora has released a thrilling new single called “Rescue” as a part of his upcoming album “Some Place Some Where.” Not only does the song provide a dramatic story, but it somehow holds a powerful hold over its listeners.

The beginning of the song is eerie with just an electric melody, yet signs of folk and country influences are strong once Nescora starts singing. His voice is gruff and incredibly unique, hitting each note with precision and passion.

The acoustics sound almost familiar, as if this song was born within each listener. One can’t help but feel consumed by “Rescue,” since it depicts our own need to be saved by another soul. It has a haunting vibe, yet its upbeat sound resonates with the deepest part of listeners’ souls. The complex electric guitar riffs perfectly embody the chaos of the song’s plea to be rescued.

Nescora sings alongside all other desperate souls

Nescora sings melody and harmony when he says, “I don’t know what to do / I need you to come to my rescue.” The fast drums create feelings of desperation and misery – the same emotions felt by the musician when asking for help in his own life.

The singer-songwriter sings vulnerably and passionately: a rare quality in the world of music today. Listeners are encouraged to be similarly emotional and real with themselves. As hard as this may be, Nescora provides a safe home for fans to breathe and know that they can’t go through life alone. And what better way to connect and live with others than through music.

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