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Anonymous Indie Band Newspoke Releases Emotional Video ‘Judas Tree’

“Judas Tree” by Newspoke is paired with a simple, yet stunning video that captures the essence of the single. The music scene now is as visual as it is auditory. Great music should be accompanied by great images now.


Seeing as the video begins with a painstakingly slow pan of cookie-cutter suburbia, visually, mission accomplished.

The indie tune is fluorescent with vocals of emotion and pain. Wild instrumentals equally contribute as much to the emotion as the lyrics. Guitar and banjo-driven, the strings take leaps throughout, gathering speed. As the song picks up, the video does too, and the camera closes in on one house with a grave being dug by two figures masked in emojis.


The Faceless NYC Wonder That is Newspoke


Newspoke is an anonymous band, which is why the masks are present. Faceless and nameless, the only thing to know about the band is the music. Looking at “Judas Tree” from a mystery band highlights the impact of emotion. The suburban setting of the video is reminiscent of those who saw a similar neighborhood in their upbringing. The subtle surprises in composition makes for a memorable visual experience — one that’ll leave you thinking.


At one point, the camera zooms quickly into the grave and instantly switches focus from overhead to looking up. This is my favorite aspect of the video. If you’re someone who appreciates a nice execution of camera work, it’ll probably be yours too.


“Judas Tree” is the leading single from Newspoke’s upcoming album, Faces. The album comes from heartbreak, illness, and starting over. With such heavy emotion and the direction “Judas Tree” heads in, it’ll interesting to see what the record will bring. Faces, from the faceless Newspoke, is due in February.

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