Find “Sanity” In Nick Murphy’s Latest Single

After years of waiting, Nick Murphy (formerly known as Chet Faker) has announced his sophomore album titled Run Fast Sleep Naked set to release on April 26th. This follows his 2014 release, Built on Glass that made number one in Murphy’s homeland of Australia and reached number two on Billboard’s Heatseekers Albums list in the states.

To help give fans an idea of what to expect from his upcoming release, Nick Murphy dropped a single titled “Sanity” directed by BabyBaby. The song contains the soul Murphy’s audience has come to know and love but with bright and catchy piano melodies and funky synth notes.

“My sanity comes to question..”

To create Run Fast Sleep Naked Nick Murphy spent four years circumnavigating the world and creating recordings when inspiration struck. Albeit while in his grandmothers living room, or in a vacation rental in New Zealand, pieces of self-reflection and inspiration were saved into these vocal recordings and the album was recorded and put together at Figure 8 Studio in Brooklyn.

“It’s almost like I was finding different shapes and colors from around the world, and then bringing them back and putting them all together,” Murphy says. “If you sit in one space for a long period of time, you get settled and stop experiencing the world in a new way,” he adds. “There’s a kind of power in leaping into the void without set structures and systems in place.”

To bring the album to light Murphy had to go into a place of deep self-reflection, to really question who he was as an artist and what he wanted to make of his music. “At some point I realized there was a path I could continue on where I could put things forward as a way to boost myself up, or as a gain to my ego,” he says. “But that’s not true to the whole purpose and role of the artist.”

You can check out the tracklist to Run Fast Sleep Naked below and be sure to follow Nick Murphy on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Run Fast Sleep Naked:

01 Hear It Now
02 Harry Takes Drugs on the Weekend
03 Sanity
04 Sunlight
05 Some People
06 Yeah I Care
07 Novocaine and Coca Cola
08 Never No
09 Dangerous
10 Believe (Me)
11 Message You at Midnight

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