Nierra Creek Returns With Their Tale About ‘Washed Waters’

2020 saw Nierra Creek release their debut single, “Born a Child”. A track that received great reviews and that later appeared on their self-titled EP. Nierra Creek EP is a collection of songs that highlights the musical and lyrical depth that songwriter Ryan Deag and producer Sebastian Müller had to offer. It showcased a sound they describe as “taking sonic influence from indie-folk artists Bon Iver to LOW, to production-heavy artists Jim-E Stack and Oneohtrix Point Never”. 

Their EP and the songs that followed never failed with their captivating charm. Its soothing nature and delicate vocal style made each release essential for listening. Some of them stood out more than others. These included the mesmerising “Burn out the Fire” and the fantastic storytelling quality of “Arctic Tern”. 

2022 saw the duo return with their single “Frontline”. A release described by Ryan Deag as “We wanted the music to represent the emotions that someone goes through as their world crumbles around them. For me, it was important to be more direct, to lay my cards on the table. Frontline is about still fighting for someone even when they have broken your heart” They say it is one of their most heart-wrenching songs that balances an explosive electronic rock ballad with a sad soul within.

“Frontline” opens up with their usual synth mood. It sets the stage for Deag to deliver, “Bewildered by your venture / A lifetime to see it clear / I’ll treat her how you left it / When she’s wrong, she’ll be alright”. Its captivating soundtrack adds to the emotion to accompany the lyrics. It enhances the mood further when the chorus arrives. Along with the vocals, it is a partnership that sounds stunning during the lines, “Now I’m breaking on the frontline / Cut it deep, I’m here to fight / Formed in the stars, you’re as bright as the moonlight / Still, you break me. On the frontline”. The duo have created another stunning release that does not disappoint.

Nierra Creek quickly returned with their new single, “Washed Waters”. It is a song described, “Like a body of water, relationships come in many forms. They can be powerful, tempestuous, calm or mesmerising, but all have the ability to change in an instance. Relationships can become muddy, and you can choose to walk away from them. Or you can try and clean out the dirt to find a new form. When I wrote this, there was a shadow over me, trying to come to terms with the turbulence without influence, my head was deep underwater”. From the calibre of music so far, it comes with high expectations.

Nierra Creek showcases more of their captivating music with ‘Frontline’ and ‘Washed Waters’

As “Washed Water” begins, the various layers of music come together to create more of their gorgeous sound. Under their infectious beats and electronic elements, there is a piano that subtly moves the song along. With the mood set, the story begins with, “Held your fears, walking by sea light / Been left here wondering if we were born right / Air your flaws, keep hold of what you’ve got / Wait for the sunrise, in me, you can confide, Confide within me”.

As it continues, its subtle beats dance around the keys to enhance the captivating soundtrack. It is a combination that continues to build as the song progresses. It peaks as the chorus arrives. When it hits, they deliver another hook to make the listener singalong. They do so with the lines, “It’s not in my blood / I’m in washed waters / Keep my head in the water / We would fight til 2 in the morning /Keep my hands in the water / Cold water”.

The duo slows things down as the song comes to its closing moments. The various layers of instruments intertwine to create a haunting outro. As they do, Deag repeats the lines, “Don’t blame another day on the sun / Should I walk from this or run”. As he finishes, so does “Washed Water”. It closes off another superb display of the musical talents of Nierra Creek.

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