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Nina Nesbitt Live @ The Roxy

Nina Nesbitt has reinvented her sound and dramatically since she first stepped foot in the music world in 2012 after being discovered by Ed Sheeran. Since then her sound has become less singer-songwriter and more pop, but she has managed to keep that singer-songwriter feel with her emotional lyrics.

Nesbitt’s recent show at The Roxy in Los Angeles was packed with fans and peers alike. Everyone was drawn in and sang along the whole time.

Fans lined the front of the stage with their Nesbitt-look-alike outfits and hair. They danced and sang the whole time as they gazed adoringly at their idol. The crowd was also full of laid back Hollywood-types who probably work in the industry or are friends with one of Nesbitt’s many surprise guests. Although these concert goers were more chill with their demeanor it was clear they enjoyed the concert as well and stayed engaged the whole time.

Nesbitt brought out a few different guests including Sophie Rose, who was also one of her openers, and Charlotte Lawrence to perform her women empowerment anthem, Psychopath. They sang “you keep saying I’m crazy not to take you back but if that makes me crazy, you’re a psychopath” to celebrate Women History Month.

Nesbitt’s opener, Plested, got the crowd singing along to his songs like they were a choir. His songwriting skills shined through in his performance of his hit, “Remind Me to Forget” written for Kygo. He has written for Little Mix, Zayne, The Chainsmokers, and other well-known artists and is now making a name for himself. Keep an eye out for him

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-Review by Meagan Wade

-Photos by Hannah Rexinger (@HannahRexinger on Instagram)

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