Noah James Hittner Shows Us What He is ‘willing’ To Do

As music has developed and expanded throughout the world, genre lines have become very blurred. No longer does an artist have to stay in one lane with their sound. This freedom has created a new era of unique and original music that can borrow from multiple styles. Our friend Noah James Hittner has continued this experimentation with his newest album willing.

The singer-songwriter, author, and entrepreneur has allowed influences from a wide variety of sources influence his life. This has given him the ability to create his own lifestyle free from any one path. Despite his Mother being a local country-rock legend, Noah James Hittner did not dive into music at a very young age. But after picking up the guitar in 2009, the passion was set and his goal of creating music to make listeners feel something was in motion. Whether it be acoustic, rock, urban, or electronic styles, Noah has found a way to use a looper pedal and various effects in order to create an entertaining, full-band sound that he often refers to as Acoustic-Tronic.

Noah James Hittner recently released his third solo album willing. The 12 track record explores this Acoustic-Tronic genre with a collection of inspired songs. The opener “The Trickster” eases us in with a mellow Folk-Rock sound and his soft welcoming vocal style. We get deeper both musically and emotionally quite quickly with the next track “A White Man’s Blues”. The experimental blues sound is intoxicating as Noah dives into some pretty deep lyrical content as well. 

Experience The Genre-Fluidity Of Noah James Hittner on ‘Porch Step’

We see the full picture of genre-fluidity with “Porch Step” as we are taken into a psychedelic hip-hop track. Inspired from an actual jam session on a porch step, we can see where Noah James Hittner decided to just be himself and get off the porch to put his music into the world without any limitations. 

The dark Blues come to the surface on “Madness”. The expertise of looping is shown here as a full wall of sound is created to accompany the straight Blues beat. Backing vocals and exotic guitar fill the speakers. 

For a more straight forward singer-songwriter tone, we have “Madison”. The guitar skill shows off here again with a riff style that makes the listener focus on the beauty of the track. The elegant vocals pair perfectly to tell the story of the journey to love. The closer “Elissa Said” dives more into this love in a Folk Pop-Rock/Electronic sort of way. A sound that really defines the freedom that Noah James Hittner has in his musical style. There is much here to absorb as sounds seem to come from interesting angles to complete the full sonic exploration of the artist. 

Dive into more of Noah James Hittner’s music and soulful writing HERE.

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