Noiseheads Come Home with New Single

Power rock trio Noiseheads just dropped their latest track, “Homecoming,” off their upcoming album, Sitcoms for Aliens. As the first release from the LP, “Homecoming” seems like the perfect track to showcase it.

Noiseheads have been hailed as “one of America’s most promising young rock bands” by AlternativeNation, and “Homecoming” is filling those big shoes. The track shows exactly what the trio can do and the growth the band has achieved since the release of their first album a few years ago.

The Foo Fighters-inspired alternative music that Noiseheads are breathing new life into clearly shows in “Homecoming.” As the first single off Sitcoms for Aliens, it shows the aggressive growler side of the trio.

“Homecoming” is a powerful and aggressive track. Filled with power chords and a mesmerizing guitar solo, Noiseheads make alternative rock their own. While you can hear elements of iconic bands like Queens of the Stone Age, Arctic Monkeys, and Soundgarden that dominate the alternative sound, “Homecoming” shows musical maturity in the band’s developing sound.

“Homecoming” also showcases some flourishes featured in their upcoming album. Layered with orchestral elements, electronic samples, guitar solos, and searing, melodic vocals, it’s easy to get caught up in the captivating layers in each track.

Homecoming (2017 – Album Version) by Noiseheads

While Sitcoms for Aliens isn’t due out until early 2018, Noiseheads’ recent release “Homecoming” shows what direction they’re headed in.

Sitcoms for Aliens is self-produced under the band’s own label, Silly Monkey Music. This will be heir third self-produced release under their label. However, unlike their previous efforts, the new album offers a modern flare on ’70s psych, ’80s punk, ’90s grunge, and ’00s indie rock.

With the release of Sitcoms for Aliens quickly approaching, be sure to keep up with Noiseheads on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and their website — as the release date inches closer, they are bound to release more amazing music and hopefully a tour.

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