Nora Lei Encourages Listening To Her New Single “Together”

Enter Nora Lei: fashion designer, worldwide traveler, and now pop singer/songwriter with her new single “Together.” The brown-haired beauty pours her beliefs of true love and everlasting dedication into this electronic track, her third single of 2020. Audiofemme calls it “an ode to unbreakable love.” At Indie Band Guru, we call it romantic recovery.

A Single of Solidarity

The song is all about fighting for your relationship,” she says. “You remember the good times, hard times, and the times you start to feel crazy…but really you’re just scared. You both know you’re supposed to be together so you keep trying and, in the end, you’re glad you did.” 

The young starlet draws inspiration from the triumphs and troubles of her six-year relationship and conversations with other lovers. “I create so many different scenarios in my head, so many different relationships from chatting with girlfriends and understanding what everyone goes through.”

The track blends a Polar Beats sample with Nora Lei’s “noir-pop” vocals to create a lighthearted yet subdued single. Lei colluded with producers Joe Laporta (known for his work with Solange, Shawn Mendes, Lolo Zouai) and Harper James (collaborator with Eighty Ninety and Aaron Taos) to define her electro-pop sound.

Silver Lining Via Song

While this isn’t Nora Lei’s first single, it is her first year producing her own music. Busy with her own fashion swimsuit line, Perfect Peach, she didn’t have much time to do anything music-related. She admits that singing is a passion of hers. She decided to focus on mixing once quarantine hit. Since then, she’s delivered three singles to the airwaves and gained nearly 7,000 monthly listeners on Spotify.

As Nora Lei warms up and snow starts to fall in her frigid home of New York City, we’ll be looking at her for novel music in the new year. Tune into her social media on Facebook and Instagram to follow her journey.

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