Norine Braun Lulls You Into a Trance with Latest

It’s always nice to listen to a song that’s inspired by someone or something special to the singer. With the track I’m about to introduce to you now, there’s a bit more of an homage paid than I would have ever expected, or had the honor to review.

Norine Braun is an artist from Vancouver who has recently released her 10th (yes, 10th) album, Gone to the Spirits. The amazing part about this album is that the entire concept is based around warrior woman, courier, and guide Ktunaxa, who lived in the early 19th century. If after that description, you’re thinking that you’re about to hear something very powerful and filled with higher meaning than you’d ever imagined, I’d have to say that you’re right.

Norine Braun Transcends with Latest

The album features 14 tracks, two of which are shorter spoken word pieces. “Spoken Word One” brings you into an enthralling storyline through a very peaceful voice and slight echo that makes you wonder just what you’re going to be experiencing. Further tracks from the album have very fitting titles such as “Rock People,” “Bird With a Song to Sing,” and “Star Man.”

This last track, which is the fifth from the album, really stuck out to me mostly because of my fascination with the moon and the stars. Of course, the quality of the song itself really helps create a very peaceful, trance-like environment for the listener, which is something to be said of the artist.

“Star Man” starts off a bit more upbeat than what you’d expect, but there is a sense of mystery within it, which is greatly resembling the mystery that the night sky holds. I believe that anyone that has knowledge of this would greatly appreciate the style that this song holds, and the vocals are very soothing and provide a peaceful melody that’s always welcome.

Overall, I’d have to say that aside from this album having much more meaning than most could grasp, there is so much talent there to back it up. This makes for a very easy listening experience and provides a peaceful experience that anyone could take something valuable away from.

Gone to the Spirits is available to steam or download now.

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