Norman Alexander Gives Us ‘The Reason’

There is a big difference between a singer and a songwriter? These are 2 very distinct talents that need to be refined with time. A great voice does not always pair with great songwriting skills. That takes emotion and the will to pour out your thoughts into song. It is often a tough mix. Once in a while we come across an artist that seems to have both of these talents within him. This seems to be the case with our recent discovery Norman Alexander.

The Queens, New York native has been making quite the name for himself. Norman Alexander has mastered being original and authentic in his songwriting. Reaching deep within his heart he is able to bring emotional topics to the forefront. He combines this with his soulful voice that is able to reach the highs and lows to keep listeners engaged. Norman has worked with three-time Grammy award winner Randy Merrill and gained praise from the likes of Terrance J at the annual TEDxWaterStreet event in May.

The most recent single from Norman Alexander is the strong addition “The Reason.” An elegant piano leads the way on the track. This sets the tone for the powerful vocals of Norman to take center stage. The emotion drips from the speakers as he sings from the heart. The power of music is strong here.

Giving live audiences a chance to experience this emotion, Norman Alexander will be performing around NYC including a July 20th date at legendary SOB’s. A great night of talent featuring INIKO and other R&B artists. You can secure your tickets HERE.

Keep up with more from Norman Alexander on his INSTAGRAM.

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