Odd Couple Spread Wings On New Single “I Am Evil”

Odd Couple takes us on a wild journey across eras with their newest single “Am I Evil”. Retro style vocals are combined with a constant, driving guitar riff to create a track that manages to mix 70’s old style rock with a grittier take on garage band sounds from later decades. What gives this track its own special twist is the way it takes inner monologues from dark recesses in the artists’ minds and forces them out into the light by way of simple yet powerful lyrics and accompanying music. We have all had moments where we ponder our own limits and morality. We find that in this track Odd Couple not only explores those moments…they celebrate them!

Ponder morals, limits and the power of gritty psych rock with The Odd Couple on new single, “Am I Evil”

“Am I Evil” is track number 11 on the Odd Couple’s newest album, “Flügge” which is due to be released on April 21, 2017. This pair of musically matched misfits, Tammo Dehn and Jascha Kreft, continue their mission to bring their unique take on rock into a world that at times can feel, “…mercilessly sanitized and lobotomized.” They are the champions for the every-day person.

The title of the album, “Flügge” means to spread one’s wings in German. This is exactly what they do. After taking flight with their first album, “It’s a Pressure to Meet You” we can hear their evolution from a “sultry” garage band sound to a bigger and more powerful entity. Elements of their roots are present in each song, to varying degrees. But, they have dared to take their music to a new level. They are willing to dig deep and bare their souls. The payoff for the listener is huge!

Take the time to learn more at: in/ NmzTEi7cE1PkZpo27Q

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