Oliver Riot Is Falling “Harder” In Latest Single

Duos are in a category of their own. They create their own special harmonies and have a sort of energy that singular artists can’t replicate. Plus what’s better than one spectacular voice? Two, of course. This is just the case with LA-based duo Oliver Riot. This talented duo is not only comprised of identical twins, but also vocal powerhouses who debut their talents in latest single “Harder” which debuted January 10.

Oliver Riot’s track “Harder” gives us something new and soulful. They use their innovative, experimental R&B to give us something exciting while singing to us in a very relaxed and emotive way.

Their single off upcoming EP Neurosis showcases these talented twins in the best way. This brilliant duo combines their amazing vocal ranges as well as their impeccable ability to take their listeners on a journey inside of their heads.

Oliver Riot Sings With Honesty

While this single doesn’t have lengthy lyrics it still creates this very honest and open atmosphere. Oliver Riot uses their haunting harmonies and almost-nostalgic ambiance to explain it all to us.

They also use their words. When they sing lyrics like “Go ahead and pull me down / Harder / Just go ahead and pull me down /Harder / Someone let me go” and “Said you’d leave the light on  / Find some sleep / Slipping slow motion /Out of me / Hiding in the Water /Out at sea / Sipping on potions / Remedies” Oliver Riot effectively brings us into this weirdly honest conversation about love and falling.

In addition to that this song just has such a solid mood to it. They add slow beats and soft instruments that add to the overall R&B tone of it all. They use these different bits to bring us into their headspace, and they do a fantastic job of it. Then on top of that behind the vocals and beats there’s this ongoing discussion on the question of true love, the feelings it brings about, and how after all is said and done it can be messed up. In all it basically brings us to a heart-to-heart about love with Oliver Riot.

In the end “Harder” has some really good elements, and a unique sound. It gives us this wonderful perspective between perfect harmonies and steady beats. The members of Oliver Riot create something pure and original all while giving us an amazing vocal performance that can’t be matched.
Their highly anticipated Neurosis EP is out Feb 22, and you can look at the rest of their music here.

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