Ormewoods Share Budding Romance on “Bedroom Sessions”

There are all sorts of inspirations for songwriting.  One muse that comes up quite often is love.  Whether it be falling in it, breaking up, or somewhere in between, love is part of many of the songs you will hear.  Our recent find The Ormewoods have taken this to the next level by pouring their full love story, the good, bad, and ugly into their debut record The Bedroom Sessions which is set for release on September 16th.

The duo from Atlanta, Georgia is made up of Claire Pearson and Don McCollister.  Together they create a sexy sounding folk-country with leanings towards the pop genre.  These are no newcomers to the game.  Each has been around the music industry for many years gaining great recognition along the way.  Don’s 25 year career includes work with Sister Hazel, Shawn Mullins and Third Day and also picking up two Grammy Awards along the way.  Claire is a longtime independent radio favorite who worked as a songwriter in Nashville and has performed extensively with longtime collaborator, Nashville recording artist Heidi Higgins, as The Daffodils.  

The story of The Ormewoods romance is even more unique.  Claire and Don reconnected after many years and an unexpected relationship began to take place.  The duo decided that this needed to be turned in music.  Claire (the duo’s chief songwriter) draws lyrics directly from entries in her diary detailing the first 90 days of the budding relationship.  This became the driving force behind The Bedroom Sessions, the debut record for The Ormewoods.  The title of the record is not just a clever name.  The duo literally set up the bedroom as a recording studio to bring the intimate nature of the music to the album.

From the opener “Sidelines” they welcome the listener into their innermost emotions as the story gets set to unfold.  The peppy beat gives a sense of joy to the start of the relationship.  There is a real romantic vibe on “Back To You” as the lyrics speak of getting back together after their start so many years earlier.  The back and forth playful lyrics pair well as both Don and Claire seem ready for a full attempt at lasting love.  

There is some real soul put into “Hey Babe”.  There is real emotion laid down on this track.  The Ormewoods seem to have hit a chord with “Year Of Mercy”.  The song was runner-up for Best Folk Song 2016 by the Song of the Year Songwriting Competition and nominated as Best Folk Song of 2016 by the American Songwriting Awards.  At times it seems like two different songs being played simultaneously as the vocals pour over each other creating something that seems whole.  The record closes with “Love 101” which is the blueprint for rekindling a new romance.  There is real heart here that welcomes in anyone searching for something full and loving.  

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