ORO is Here To Let Us All ‘Escape’

The connectivity of the internet has caused tremendous changes in the music industry. There are good and bad aspects of this. It has become quite easy to sit behind a computer and create music and put it out to the world. The best results come when two talented artists that would never meet in the real world connect to create something better than each one of them could do on their own. One great example is in our latest discovery Oro.


The new musical project is the combination of Los Angeles based Oscar Olivo and Alexander Conway (also known as the producer LUURK.) The duo met online this year through some mutual contacts. The connection was quite immediate and ORO was born. Together they create a cinematic pop sound that will appeal to the music loving masses.

The debut single by ORO was released on December 18th, 2017. The song “Escape” features the fantastic vocal talent of China Fox. The electronic beat sets the tone while the soaring atmospheric sounds create a full sonic experience. The vocals are heartfelt and pour out emotions with each note.

The Future Looks Bright For ORO

The song has a way of creeping deep into your soul and touching the heartstrings. It demands multiple listens to take in all the subtle production skills. This is something that could reach those looking for a romantic ballad as well as listeners looking to let a trancelike sound take their mind to a place of aural relaxation.

Here the “Escape” single on any platform you like HERE


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