Oscar Oscar Melts Minds With ‘Yuika’

Upbeat melancholy. It sounds like an oxymoron. In most ways it is. But sometimes you may find a vibe or a wavelength that just seems to encapsulate the notion.


Consider a nice beach… during a thunderstorm. Or a song that uplifts you while leaving a sense of sorrow hanging in the air, yet still pleasantly palatable. In many ways, the music of Oscar Oscar reflects exactly that. Their latest track “Yuika” is no different.

In a real visceral way, “Yuika” by Oscar Oscar will make you nod your head. The deep bass drives the song with a beat that seems eclectic, borrowing from many styles and senses to reconstitute what it means to be rhythm. The sound palette is diverse, with many uniquely pleasant and upbeat sounds…but yet, one has to acknowledge the overtones of emotion expressed in the track. It has feeling. Maybe it’s a sad kind of feeling, maybe it is the kind of feeling that makes you think. But, undeniably, this track has it.


Oscar Oscar Will Haunt You with ‘Yuika’


The thing that makes this track beautifully haunting is the vocals. The lyrics are the lament of a lover stuck in the juxtaposition of breaking their lover’s heart. Sung in a way that is metaemotionally relatable, the vocalist stylizes the track even further with vocal effects manipulation in, again, a new sense of rhythmic expression.


If you are into #triphop#edm#electronica, check out this 2018 track by Oscar Oscar, or check out some of his other stuff here.

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