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‘Real Eyez’ by P.A.T. Will Open Your Eyes

‘Real Eyez’ by P.A.T. is modern rap song that blends classical music with the incredibly smooth flow of P.A.T.’s voice, making it joyous to listen to.

‘Real Eyez’ by P.A.T. is a great tune for a wide number of reasons. Reminiscent of old-fashioned rap that rose to prominence in 80s and 90s, this is a song dripping with passion for the art form. The best thing about ‘Real Eyez’ is, when you listen to P.A.T. sing about his joy for the music and his work, you genuinely believe him. His devotion transmits flawlessly through his song.

The song tackles major issues facing our society at large and us as individuals. It is about what it means to have a passion for your work despite the trials of life and the struggle to keep our feet on the ground. Another element that makes it stand out is its sheer smoothness.

The instruments blend together instead of canceling each other out. It carries the elegance of classical music. This gives the song a polished, glossy flavor. P.A.T’s voice is also a strong asset to the song. He has an incredible flow and creates an entire instrument using just the words.

One of the most frustrating musical critiques that I have heard lately is that rap music has lost its way. However, to say this of all modern rap generalizes an entire genre. ‘Real Eyez’ is proof that today’s rap still has soul. The spirit that people have claimed to have died is fully-formed in this song.

Even if one is not necessarily experienced with rap, it is no difficult task to fall in love with P.A.T.’s music. By infusing classical music with rap, ‘Real Eyez’ is an excellent introduction to modern rap.

‘Real Eyez’ by P.A.T. is currently available to listen to and purchase. Once you listen, you find yourself hitting that replay button over and over. Every new listen brings new details to light. Enjoy, I know you will!

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