Pagan Interface Warps Minds With ‘Psychic Feedback & Crystal Void’

Music is a personal and subjective thing. With the recent ability of music creators to reach out to the world with their music, there is now a sound for everyone. Genres are splintered and niches are created for the most unique music. As someone who shutters at the thought of mainstream radio as the only source of songs, this is amazing to me. Our recent discovery Pagan Interface has brought a fresh and truly different sound to our ears.

The Munich, Germany based artist has a message in his madness. The genre of Pagan Interface (or pi/0 for short) has been described as neuromantic chillwave for the post-apocalypse. If that doesn’t pique your interest, go back to listening to Taylor Swift. Here we have distortion, glitches, and perfect imperfections to keep your ears in wonder. Although exclusively instrumental the music is meant to take you on a journey into an alternate reality. Prepare your senses.

The latest offering by Pagan Interface is “Psychic Feedback & The Crystal Void”. The 17 track full-length album is an exploration into experimentation. As pi/0 states “prepare to dig deeper into the post-traumatic vibes of sunbathing in capitalist fallout.”

 Right from the opener “Sidewinder’s Empathy” it is obvious you are in for something quite different. “Out//Run” is a fun one with a speedier element but still creating an ambient soundwave that tries to keep our mind at ease. This is no easy task with all that is going on here. 

There is a darkness that creeps into the speakers on tracks such as “Carnivores” and “Western Playgrounds” The deeper state of space presents itself alongside heavy bass strikes and an assortment of exotica tickling your now somewhat warped mind. Along with the chaos of tracks like “Tolerance” you can still sense the meaning that Pagan Interface is trying to share on “Enjoy The Fallout”  

Fortunately, he allows us to determine our own path in this dystopian world but never really knowing which direction is the right one. Even The Pagan Interface website is an experience for the strong-minded.

Set aside some time where your full brain is not needed and take a deep dive inside. Enjoy the ride.

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