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Pamela Hute Releases Music Video for “Banshees”

Pamela Hute, born in Paris, has so far had a life-long love affair with music. Her songs reflect an electro, pop, post-punk, and rock style.  The perfect soundtrack for the independent market.

Her first album, “Turtles Tales From Overseas,” was released to critical acclaim. The twelve tracks gave an autobiographical tale of struggle, separation, and pain. In 2013, Hute released her second album, “Bandit.” Mixed in Brooklyn, New York, ‘90s-veteran engineer John Agnello (Cyndi Lauper, Sonic Youth) refers to “Bandit” as “luscious pop,” calling Hute “the queen of the pop hook.” He also asserted that Hute “excels at synth pop and jangle, guitar rock. The album will steal your heart.”

This year, embarking on a new adventure with a larger band, Hute recorded five songs with the new lineup. Pamela is not afraid of taking risks. “Banshees,” her most recent single, is an exciting indicator of what’s to come. The song begins with a gentle high note before the staccato drums come in, Hute’s voice eventually joining the mix and taking you on an upbeat ride, a calmer version of The Killer’s “Mr. Brightside.”

Pamela Hute Releases Striking New Video For “Banshees”

The music video for “Banshees” is both eerie and beautiful, just like the song itself. It opens to Hute’s back, colorful in a black light, before flipping back to Hute’s pale skin. “All your lies, you better be hiding fast,” she begins. “Your hands so black, you must be living low-light,” she continues, raising her hands up to reveal matching black hands.

As the song progresses, Hute is fully covered in black, paint across her eyes and glitter adorning her chest. The black light makes her body glow, the colors coming to life and making for a dark and artistic three minutes. We hope to see her continue in this aesthetic, as it suits her music perfectly.

You can find more of Hute’s music on her Souncloud. You can also follow her on her website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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