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The Future Is Here With Papadosio

In the age of endless music sources recycling the past genres we all love so much (even for the thousandth regeneration of the same song structure), you would be hard pressed to find something surpassing musical time and space. Imagine something that looked into the future, now, here’s Papadosio. The band has released their newest experimental album Content Coma, a prog rock, futurist, and all-encompassing genre explosion. No song sounds alike during the entire album, which is incredibly exciting seeing as most bands fall into a certain pattern. Papadosio is saying something meaningful with Content Coma.


The goal of the album is to call attention to the immense amount information, both useful and not, on a minute by minute basis, hence the name. It is portrayed in the multilayered soundscape created by technology and subtle effects. “Distress Signal” is the second song and really gives the futuristic vibe with anxiety driven instrumentation and technological sound effects. The song is mesmerizing, transcendental, even.


Content Coma Is A Commentary On Connected Culture



Another great song is “The World Is A Cube”. Lyrically, it’s an ironic look at the terrible ideas that circulate on YouTube and the Internet as a whole. It is perhaps the most rhythmically dominant with really cool drum effects and contains mostly electronic instrumental elements. Papadosio rely on the lyrics pretty heavily for this song which is nice because of the complexity of others before it. “The World Is A Cube” instrumentally is fairly simple in the context of Content Coma.


Papadosio is no one trick pony. The unedited piano on this album is divine. It appears intermittently but it is so great on “Pool of Stars”. The song overall is great, a space generating soundscape of Earth. It has a reminiscent quality of contemporary smooth jazz with a good deal of electric guitar and effects. This is definitely one of the highlights and is a seriously good reason you should listen to Papadosio’s Content Coma.

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