Parjam Parsi Send Thanks With ‘Requiem For Yalda’

As musicians, we allow music to flow in and out of us. Inspirations rise and lead us to build complete songs and albums. Our hearts overflow when we have something that truly means a lot to us. This spills effortlessly into the sounds we create. Our friend Parjam Parsi can relate to this with his newest single “Requiem For Yalda.”

We covered his full album The Secret of Despair last month HERE.

The Iranian composer has dedicated much of his life to music and the arts. His calling was evident early. Parjam Parsi poured himself into learning multiple instruments and gaining experience creating music. Fortunately, he had a huge supporter in his mother. She struggled with Gastrointestinal disease since he was a child but always put Parjam first so he could pursue his dreams.

As a thank you, Parjam Parsi will release the single “Requiem For Yalda” on his mother’s birthday on December 20th. The elegant beauty of the fast paced piano grabs the listener’s attention immediately. The undertone rhythm keeps the song pushing ahead while an exotic melody plays with your imagination.

Overall this is a song that will lift you up and build on hope and positivity. A perfect gift for a woman that may have given up on some of her dreams to allow her son to strive for his. She should be smiling from ear to ear.

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