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Phil Cooper – Connects With His Audience

One of the most important things to do for an independent artist is to make a personal connection with the audience.  Don’t be the banana on stage that doesn’t move around or interact with the crowd.  Potential fans want to feel like they are a part of the show.  This will keep you in their mind and coming back for more music.  Our recent find Phil Cooper seems to have a great grasp on this concept.

The contemporary singer-songwriter from the United Kingdom writes thought provoking songs that his followers can relate to and get behind.  Phil Cooper was also a Technical Director for an internet company but has now thrown that to the wind to focus on his budding career as a professional musician.  

Where Phil Cooper really makes his inroads is with his live shows.  The energetic live performances have drawn comparisons to Neil Finn, Glenn Tilbrook and Ben Folds.  He is able to make a real connection with the crowd, whether it’s handing out dozens of egg shakers, or passing around his “doodle book” for the audience to draw in. He is also no stranger to unplugging his guitar and shunning the stage to stand right in among the captivated audience.

The launching pad for Phil Cooper’s new path is his recently released album Thing I’ll Never Say.  The 12 track album welcomes you to his fun and grooving sound that is extremely catchy.



The lead single “You’re A Light” is a good start.  The intricate guitar melody is impressively played on an acoustic guitar.  The vocals have a real emotion in them as they lift the song up and sometimes drop it down.  The listener is putty in the hands of Phil Cooper as he brings your feelings to whatever level he wants them.  The rise and falls keep the attention right where it should be.  The chorus will remain in your head way after the 4-minute song is over.

Keep up with the rising star that is Phil Cooper HERE.

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