Phil Lee Brings The Stories On ‘& Other Old Time Favorites’

The whole pandemic lock down affected some of us much more than others. Artists can be many different types of people. Some are shy, introverts that are more than happy to sit in a room alone and create music. Our friend Phil Lee is NOT one of those artists. 

The American singer-songwriter, multi instrumentalist, and performance artist thrives on interacting with people. His happy go lucky attitude, and lifestyle for that matter, needs that connection to survive. Phil Lee has been a fixture in the Crazy Horse family of Neil Young. For many years but not reaching for the stardom that many achieved. He was happy just being part of the party. Along the way he gained credits on albums from Richard Bennett, Billy Joe Royal, Clyde Moody, Crazy Horse, Jack Nitzsche, The Flying Burrito Brothers, Rob Stoner, Barry Goldberg, Howie Epstein, Beverly DeAngelo, and even his original idol Homer A. Briarhopper.

Wanting to create something during the lockdown, Phil Lee reconnected with Crazy Horse family member David West. The pair got together once a week for a couple of months and did what they do best. Create fun music. The result is the upcoming release of & Other Old Time Favorites set for March 7th. The 10 track record on Palookaville Entertainment brings the fun that the rest of the world has been sorely lacking.

The opener “Did You Ever Miss Someone” sets the tone with a fun traditional folk-americana track. Short, bittersweet, and to the point. The classic country vocal style of Phil Lee makes the song relatable and hits home quickly. In 1 minute and 58 seconds to be exact.

The fun comes quickly as well with “I Like Women.” There is nothing held back. Phil likes ‘em all, and sometimes they like him. A steady guitar chuggin’ beat gets the head bopping and toes tapping. The group chorus will have you singing along before you even realize what is happening.  

Phil Lee is quite the storyteller as well on “The Devil and The Farmer’s Wife” as you will get sucked into the lyrics. Paired with some funky guitar playing, the song will keep your attention fixed to see where it will go. The pace picks up with the real story of “Daddy’s Jail.” (Yes, Phil’s father ran teh Durham County jail in NC). Your heart will beat a little faster both with the sound and the relatability to possibly being the black sheep of the community.

 The album ends with the old time favorite “Just A Closer Walk With Thee” that has been sung by everyone from Elvis Presley to Harry Dean Stanton in Cool Hand Luke. The unique vocals of Phil offer a warm welcoming vibe that is undeniable. We can all walk along with him, and anyone else who joins the fun. More high level guitar can be heard here. Years of playing and singing for the fun of it has resulted in a special talent.

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