Pinkshift unleash their new single ‘Rainwalk’

Baltimore’s own Pinkshift are back with their new single “Rainwalk”. So far, they have already impressed with their songs “On Thin Ice” and “I’m Gonna Tell My Therapist On You”. Both of which showcased a sound they describe as “writing inspired by 90s grunge and 2000s pop-punk, the band walks the lines between riot grrl, punk rock, and post-hardcore. Melting together different musical and cultural roots by a common love for angsty rock, the band embraces their diverse backgrounds to create an authentic and dynamic sound”. In short, they deliver boundless punk rock energy that grabs the listeners attention.

Due to the calibre of their previous releases, the pressure was on Ashrita Kumar (vocals), Paul Vallejo (guitar), Myron Houngbedji (drums), Erich Weinroth (bass). Luckily, they are more than confident that “Rainwalk” will live up to the expectation. It is a track Kumar describes as “a spiteful anthem at its core. Conceptually, the song is about a tension that pulls and pushes us into confusion and anger. The song’s lyrics immerse listeners in a scene of constantly having to guess what someone else is thinking”.

“Rainwalk” explodes into action from the get-go as the guys combine to create a sound that means business. It does not take long for Kumar to join the party with vocals that hit like a hammer. She does so with the opening lines “You saw me started walking faster / Boy you’re looking like you caught a scent / your girlfriend is asking what’s the matter / you lie to her and say I don’t know yet”.

As the song continues, its relentless pop-punk energy does not ease off. Pinkshift describes it as “a darker take on pop-punk for the fall season mood. Influenced by breakdowns of early 2010’s post-hardcore and fast punk beats, Rainwalk carries the raging angst of the bands’ previous singles forward with a heavier and powerful sound”. It shows that this is a group in sync as they intertwine to create a fierce sound. 

As much as the band stands out, the engine is not complete without the vocal talents by Ramar. She moves through the song like a runaway train but does so with effortless control and power with her voice. A highlight is when she delivers the breakdown “You think I don’t see / I see clearly through / All your pretty Shiny lying teeth / I see clear through your pretty”.

As the song comes to a close, the spotlight switches back to the band. After Ramar’s final lines, they explode into action. Especially with Vallejo and Houngbedji as they let their guitar and drums bring the noise. With thunderous beats and killer riffs, together they help close the door on another impressive track by Pinkshift. 

Pinkshift’s new single “Rainwalk” is like a force of nature not to be messed with

“Rainwalk” is yet again another must-hear release from Pinkshift. It oozes confidence which their previous releases have highlighted. This band knows who they are and how they want to sound, as this single confirms. With their debut EP currently in the works, it is safe to predict this upcoming collection of songs will be essential listening.

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