Pollyanna Gives Us A Taste Of ‘Sugar Coat Deluxe’

Sugar Coat Deluxe is the newest album by Pollyanna, a project which expands upon an EP released last year. In this album Pollyanna puts together different genres like a boutique candy store mixing up crazy concoctions (bubble grunge for example). Their eclectic sound curates different influences to create their own style. Pollyanna masterfully puts together different tastes on this album into something unique that you have to try for yourself.

Four members make up Pollyanna, and each of them bring something different to their sound. The New Jersey band has been a part of the scene in the tri-state area along with touring around the east coast and midwest. The band derives their name from the word meaning to be unreasonably or illogically optimistic. Their style embraces contradictions, for example song titles like “Don’t Stay, Don’t Go” and “I Promise, I’m Lying.” There is a discrepancy at the core of their sound contrasting positive vocals over gloomy lyrics, bouncing different genres off each other. As a result, this gives them a unique and quirky appeal.

The opening track “Don’t Stay, Don’t Go” leads the album with a powerful song. Lead singer Jill Beckett’s vocals define this song with a strong alternative rock sound. “I Promise, I’m Lying” features jangly guitars with a peppy drum beat, the manic vocals are emphasized by the lyrics. This song is energetic while speaking honestly about being at a low point in life. The song “IDKY” makes use of guitar arpeggiation and a melodic bassline along with ethereal vocals to build up to an explosive chorus.

“Good For You” is a garage rock song with a chanting chorus, a cathartic energy carries on into a guitar solo before melting down into a wistful ending. “Grown Apart” carries a nostalgic sound, lamenting on the past with shimmering instruments thick with reverb like cloudy memories. The first side of the album closes off with “Never Know,” a catchy vocal melody and acoustic guitar make up this sentimental song.

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Sugar Coat Deluxe is a revamped version of their EP from the past year. Released under their new label, this album is the definitive version; the track list is fleshed out with two new acoustic songs. The new songs on this album take a much softer and more introspective tone. These acoustic songs were written this past year during quarantine. The additions reflect a more toned down and emotional side of the bands songwriting. “Monster” sits on the acoustic rock side, while “Friend” pushes indie-folk. These songs feel vulnerable and emotionally honest.

This project also features alternate versions of songs that reinterpret them into something entirely new. “Don’t Stay, Don’t Go – Cigar Lounge Version” is a more raw experience than the original version of the song, acoustic guitars and vocals upfront give it a more intimate sound. With the instrumentation more laid back, it allows for a look into a more rough composition. Similarly, “IDKY – Bedroom Version” is a stripped down composition. This version captures the quality of a smaller live performance. The hyperpop remix of  “I promise, I’m lying” is the song that ends this album. The song lends itself to the genre, going all in on the energetic and chaotic nature and going totally unhinged.

Check out Pollyanna’s recently released Sugar Coat Deluxe. This is a really dynamic album by Pollyanna, showing off their style and versatility. The new content on the deluxe version of this album fits right in while adding a new perspective. An emotional album with an enduring positivity, the songwriting emphasizes the sweet in bittersweet. The band has hit all the right notes on this project, creating their own sound while weaving effortlessly through different genres. The album is out now on streaming services, Pollyanna will also be touring during December.

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