Pork Pie Hat Takes Jazz Trio To A New Level

The beauty of becoming a talented artist is having the freedom to break the rules. When the skills are present, there no longer needs to be a formal system of standard music that we need to follow. Our recent discovery Pork Pie Hat seems to have reached this level of artistic freedom and is more than willing to share it with the world.

Based in Germany, the group originally started as a quartet in 2016. After losing one member the now trio decided to pursue a new sound without replacing the lost bandmember. This unique style is heavily based in groove-focused Jazz but elements of blues and funk sneak in to add to the instrumental exotica.

Now consisting of Thomas Wolff on Guitars / GuitarSynth / Production, Markus Hawig Piano / Synthesizer, and Dieter Kowalczik  Drums / Percussion there is something fresh. Sometimes a guitar trio and sometimes organ focused the band leaves the listener guessing where they will go. 

The latest release by Pork Pie Hat is Giotto Groove. The 9 track record is fully improvised and each song was recorded in one take. This is the sign of tremendous musicians that are truly in touch with each other. The groove of the music shows this so well. From the opening title track “Giotto Groove (Adagio version)” it is evident immediately that this will be quite different from your other Jazz records. 

There is a dark groove present in “Riffin For Griffin”. Each member takes a turn leading the song into a deep element of experimentation. Sounds seem to come out of nowhere but they all seamlessly meld into one sonic journey. On “The Unexpected One #1” we go more into funk territory. The attack of the distorted guitars warps the mind in an ever so eloquent way.

Overall Giotto Groove is a full adventure of a listen. Set yourself some free time and dive into the album in one complete listen. You will leave with a new Jazz mindset.

Keep up with more from Pork Pie Hat on their FACEBOOK.

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