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Pot Sea’s ‘Burn the Light’ Shines Through

Pot Sea’s ‘Burn the Light’ is a fully honest anthem for those in the United States who are living disadvantaged in a broken system.

Pot Sea’s ‘Burn the Light’ does not pretend that our nation is not embroiled within a deep crisis. It does not pretend that The United States does not thrive off the backs of disenfranchised people.

‘Burn the Light’ lives and breathes as its own entity. This song finds its message in the reality that there are deep cracks within the social system of this country. And we are all watching it shatter and break right before our eyes. 

Pot Sea’s voice is a fully honest one. He recognizes the problems that the average person will face. His voice serves as the voice of many. His style is a blend of pop-rock and rap, making ‘Burn the Light’ an excellent combination of these genres. Pot Sea captures the raw frustration and pain of feeling powerless while the world turns around us.

‘Burn the Light’ is an anthem for all of us as we struggle to find our way through this crisis. Listening to ‘Burn the Light’ is a genuinely cathartic experience, especially for those who have found their lives uprooted by COVID-19.

We are facing a devastating reality, and ‘Burn the Light’ allows the listener to vent their frustration. It makes us feel less alone. This is especially needed in a time where loneliness is abundant and many of us feel as though we are trapped in a vacuum. 

Pot Sea captures this feeling in his song as well as the accompanying music video. Indeed, the music video alone is a stunning piece of art. The visuals appear to find their inspiration in psychedelic images and, in some sense, German expressionism; partially F.W. Murnau.

‘Burn the Light’ is a song that seeks to expose the illusion of the American dream. The song cannot solve the problems of being a disadvantaged person in the United States, but it offers a safe space where you feel you are being heard. ‘Burn the Light’ makes you feel as though you are not alone. ‘Burn the Light’ by Pot Sea is currently available.

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