Prism B!tch Debuts With Perla

It’s always exciting when an artist or band releases their debut full-length album. This is definitely the case for Prism B!tch, who are set to release their debut LP, Perla on Friday, March 5th. Perla is a two part, 11-track album infused with guitar, percussion, and energetic vocals, which all tie together to further showcase Prism B!tch’s authenticity and talent.

Prism B!tch made their musical introduction with the release of their The Getaway EP in 2017, followed by their self-titled EP a year later. Over time, Prism B!tch has amassed over 100K cumulative streams, won three Weekly Alibi “Best of Burque” Music Awards, and ignited iconic stages, including The Whisky A Go-Go, The Roxy, Webster Hall, and SXSW. Prism B!tch also spent time touring up and down both coasts in support of indie rock mainstays Built To Spill. Drawing inspiration from bands like The Pixies and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Prism B!tch has developed an unpredictable and undeniable signature sound on their debut full-length album, Perla.

Watch the video for the first track on Perla, “In N Out” below

Prism B!tch is made up of Lauren Poole (bass, vocals), Lilah Rose (keys, guitar, vocals), Chris Walsh (guitar), and Teresa Cruces (drums, vocals). The Albuquerque based Prism B!tch creates their own musical roller coaster on Perla, which was named after Teresa’s mother. Teresa explains that naming Prism B!tch’s album after her mom fills a void: “There’s dad rock, but there’s no mom rock. We’re all close to our mothers, so it was special to have something named after one of them. Moms are cool!” In Perla, each band member’s personality and talent shine on every track. The album was produced by Toshi Kasai (Foo Fighters, The Melvins) and recorded at Sound of Sirens Studio in Los Angeles.

In Side A of Perla, Prism B!tch lists 6 tracks: “In N Out,” “Too High,” “Top Of My Game,” “Lonely Nights,” “Wasting Time,” and “I.” “In N Out” features a heavy guitar and percussion presence and an edgy and beat driven energy. “Too High” starts out with a chill vibe and airy vocals, eventually alternating with a more edgy feel. “Top Of My Game” and “Wasting Time” both create a chill vibe with airy vocals and a mellow energy. “Lonely Nights” is upbeat and pulses forward with a bit of a 70s rock energy to it. “I,” which concludes Side A, is an instrumental track filled with guitars, percussion, and synths.

In Side B of Perla, Prism B!tch lists 5 tracks: “II,” “Heathers,” “Starlight,” “Around,” and “One Shot.” “II” has energetic vocals and an edgy vibe, and pulses forward through the percussion. “Heathers,” “Starlight,” and “Around” each feature a lighter and happier energy, filled with energetic and upbeat vocals and percussion. “One Shot,” which concludes both Side B and the album as a whole, features energetic and upbeat vocals and has a bit of an edgy feel to it.

Prism B!tch explains a bit about the significance of Perla: “We’d love it if this album could be something you put on when you feel low or uninspired,” the musicians agree. “We’ve all been there. Music is the universal way to feel better. We hope this album is like your best friend or warm blanket you can reach out to. Also, we want you to have a good time!”

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