Prophet – Young Man On A Mission For Hip Hop Success

When there is a true passion for music, age doesn’t really matter.  You can get your start at a young age if you put all your heart into skills needed to develop into a true artist.  It will always be a big decision to go all in but our recent find Prophet seems to have done just that.


Hailing from the Midwest in Gary, Indiana has helped shape the Prophet sound.  Music was a big part of his upbringing as he bounced around living the life of a child in a separated family.  At just 17 years old he decided to take the plunge and pour all his time towards his musical passion.  In the world of Prophet he lives life to the fullest and does exactly what he sees as the best option not basing his thoughts on the ideas of others.  He is working hard to become a photographer, model, entrepreneur, & producer.

The latest release by Prophet is the single “Dead Or Alive”.  Beatscraze was brought in to produce the track.  The beat is dark and sets a somewhat eerie tone.  The vocals pop out as Prophet lets his flow go.  The melody will stick in your head for a while too as your head will be uncontrollably bopping also.  Get a listen at:

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