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2011 saw Quiet Hounds release their debut EP Southern Charm. With it, they showcased their passion for music by creating a collection of songs with an irresistible charm. Since then, the band have continued to maintain control of their art by remaining independent. As a result, they have gone from strength to strength and has seen them release so many captivating tracks such as “I Get Up”, “Dangerlove”, and “Emperors” to name a few. 

Quiet Hounds are always moving forward, and they have been busy crafting their new release Everything Else is Noise. After a successful crowdfunding project, these gentlemen were able to set their new EP out onto the world. The following is a trailer to explain more:

The EP weaves together a collection of musical intervals to break up the seven stories they have created. Each of these mini moments offers something different from the next but are all wonderful to hear. Of them all, “The violent fall of” stands out with its use of the piano.  Then there is “Hidden Amongst the” which is beautiful on the ears.

The Quiet Hounds have always impressed with their songwriting and musical arrangement. This release is no exception. The first song on offer is the recently released single “Antioch”. The combination of an acoustic guitar and piano sets the mood for the story to begin. It is used to set up the opening lines “I long to change, I’m not gonna fail you / Come a long way, machines and a hard truth / I can state my mind / And you don’t smile, but you wait for me patiently anyway”. As it continues, they demonstrate their lyrical talents as they paint so many scenes with their words. It is a quality that shines so brightly with each track they create. 

Quiet Hounds have produced another piece of audio art with their new release ‘Everything Else is Noise’

“River Delta” introduces electronic elements to their sound. They use it to add an infectious beat to their work. It is yet another example of how the Quiet Hounds layer their music to vary its tone. Other great examples of this side of their songwriting are “Ladders” and “Chamber Sounds”. 

When “Daring Greatly” arrives, it brings with it a beautiful and a highlight from the release. It begins with the tender use of the piano before the rest of the band come in to support. The vocals flow so effortlessly throughout with a captivating tone. They stand out further with the arrival of the lines “If planets collide would this gravitation cease? / Would all astrology make more sense to me? / Orion calling me out and still I know”.

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“Supine Kiss” offers more of the bands’ trademark indie-folk sound filled with stunning vocals. Then closing the EP is the stunning “Neu – rot – ical”. They have saved their best for last as they deliver a track with an infectious electro-pop vibe music. Its subtle beat mirrors the gentle tone of the vocals during the opening lines “Take a dose, a taste of golden / make a toast, the world is caving in / Data feeds the neuro system”. It builds up to the explosive hook of “Flood the mind to make it stop / and you can’t say no / So much information for you / Feed the brain until you drop / And we won’t let go / Its so Neu·rot·ical”. 

Somehow, The Quiet Hounds continue to impress with each new release. These band of brothers continue to look to develop their sound. Everything Else is Noise is evidence of that. They should be proud of what they have created and deserve the praise they will receive with the new EP.

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