Naddiks and Yosef Flumeri Collaborate for “Rag Top”

Collaboration has been continually growing in the independent music world. The advancements in music sharing technology has made it possible for collaborations to happen with artists on separate sides of the world. A great example is our recent find of the song “Rag Top”. For this one Venezuelan DJ/Producer Yosef Flumeri worked with Australian band The Naddiks to create something truly original.

This is the beauty of an interconnected musical world. The Naddiks manager – Richard, discovered Yosef Flumeri literally by accident. Being under a dictatorship in Venezuela severely limits the chance for such a talented DJ to get heard. Although Yosef was being steered to a career in Business Finance with a masters degree, the call to music was just too strong.

Even with the aggressive sound of the Naddiks, the band is on a mission against drugs, self harming, suicide and depression. #Stop.Listen.Love has been their motto. Their alternative punk rock has been a savior.

Now with “Rag Top” the two seemingly different artists have combined their talents for something greater than the sum of its parts. The song bangs from the start with an EDM beat getting you pumped for the dance floor. The Naddiks drop right in to add the raw punk rock energy they are known for.

The Naddiks/Yosef Flumeri Sound Will Dominate Your Body

Heavy synth sounds with glitch cuts blend in with heavy guitars and gritty vocals to make “Rag Top” truly unique. The pounding electro drums will pump life into any listener’s body. You will be forced to bang your head and stomp your feet. This is what real music is supposed to make you do. Have a physical reaction to the sounds entering your ears.

“Rag Top” will keep you guessing where it will go next demanding your full attention the whole time.

Keep up with The Naddiks on their WEBSITE.


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