The Rainbreakers have returned with their highly anticipated debut album Face to Face. The last few years have seen the band take their music to a whole new level. With the new addition of Charlie Richards on lead guitar, Ben Edwards (vocals, guitar), Pete Adam (bass), and Sam Edwards (drums) bring their own blend of blues, rock, and soul.


This talent has seen them share the stage with the likes of The Kris Barras Band, Bad Touch and Dirty Thrills to name a few. It has seen them perform up and down the UK to capacity crowds at iconic venues such as The 100 Club, The Borderline, The Sage and Rock City.


With all of the touring and the change to the lineup, there was an expectation that there would be a shift in the bands sound. The new album confirms an evolution of their music.


The first noticeable change is how cleaner their music sounds. This improved production gives everyone the chance to show what they bring to the band. The second factor is how good they are together. They have learned a lot from their time on the road including how to perform together to each other’s strengths.


“Ain’t Nothin’ Going On”, “On My Knees”, and “Waiting On You/Moving On” shows off the band’s evolution. These are reworks from previous releases that they felt could be improved. With a little adjustment to the arrangement, they have made these songs stronger than ever. A great example of this is “Ain’t Nothin’ Going On” which now has added swagger.



If you love blues rock, then Rainbreakers are the band for you!


The rest of the album shows added depth and emotion to their lyrics. This is supported by a soundtrack which ranges from soulful to a rock-blues tone. This is all executed to a high standard.


The title track “Face to Face” is the perfect example of how good this band sounds when they slow things down. The delicate intro sets the mood for Ben Edwards to steal the spotlight with one of his best vocal displays from the album. His captivating tone is smooth and oozes so much emotion.


Rainbreakers are at their best when the shackles come off. The opening track “Heavy Soul” confirms this. The slow intro bursts into life as the band bring the noise to accompany the infectious chorus. This one is a group effort even though the guitarists try to steal the spotlight.


The fans eagerly awaited the band’s debut album Face to Face. They will not be disappointed. Filled with killer hooks, epic riffs and an impressive range in sound, this release proves they are the real deal.


This collection of songs confirms why they are on the rise and grabbing a lot of well-deserved attention. When people talk about great bands from the modern world of blues rock, Rainbreakers will be one of the names mentioned.

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