– reviewed by Marc Montfleury of Indie Band Guru

I just received ‘We Are The Anti-Job’ by The Anti-Job.  Great title and introduction to the name of the band.  I took some time in writing this review because when I first heard the tracks I wanted to smash my head through the wall.
Now I am no great critic of the upper echelon or the progressive mindset of mans tumult through the cosmos plus mathematical precision that is the evolution of song.  Nah.  I’m just a dude that likes what makes his ears wanna turn up the volume…..Easy.
You would be surprised at what I have heard of .
And also of the music that I do not know of.
Or not…..
Music that evokes the head smash and busted sheetrock urge happens to be what I like to take a closer listen to.  And on closer examination the potential of the creators of this five song EP, at least at this point, lies in how easy they make it seem like they don’t care.

So carefree into the death-march of “The Bug” that morphs into a Wilco-ish groove as Amanda Jones( Vox/Guitars) spills about Timmy and his eye.  The Bottom is held down nice on this track.  I have to say that I miss the bass. Though the interplay between Martin Lopez-Lu (Electric Guitar) And Amanda Jones fills some of the space well.  Not to mention Katie Troy (Drums & Percussion) keeping it hard and brawlick. Some songs are just begging for a bass guitar.
I get my bass or bass heavy guitar on “The Robbery”.  It sounds like a raw stand up in the corner but facing out.  7s are always cool.  This one grooves real  good right until the chaotic chorus.  If this song had a stronger drum beat instead of the percussion during the verses it would have been my favorite.  Still it is good.  The lyrics remind me of the tax man and the music makes him sound like he thinks he is a slick spy on Ferris Beuller’s Principal’s status.
Plus I just filed mine so I am digging it. 
 ‘One more kiss/and then we go” The name says it all. “Love Strange” caught my ear on a more vocal level.  Amanda’s Voice is conversational and inviting here.  I could imagine the room after this song is played live.  A nice arrangement with interesting twists like love herself.  The drums here are solid.  Altogether it put me in mind of sunny days and waiting to get that call from some girl that you like. Or young love in bloom.
Next was “Watch out,Panda!”.  Musically this song is OK.  A cartoonish swing kind of groove that turns into an Inspector Gadget/Get Smart clone.  Most of the EP has this feel.  But this was the first one to annoy me.  I think my head went into the wall right after “There’s bamboo bamboo traps all over”. Are you serious?  Now please believe me I care about the panda marsupials too. Let em live and be cute little fuzzy Yoda’s.  But this was bad.  I wonder if the song is a joke or made for kids.  If that is the case …Great work. If not I hate it.  The vocal melody is all over the place and just sounds silly.
“Psycho” is a decent song if you can get past the intro.  It seems a bit pretentious.  Once the primary beat is established though it gets better.  I must say I do not like the chorus at all.  This is another song that could do with a more concise drum line.  The cymbal hits and crashes end up making the whole sound like an open mic at someone’s house where people are just randomly beating on kitchenware to keep a meter.  Lyrically it is good.  If the words were to a different beat this song would rock.
 All in all Anti-Job has potential. They are also a perfect example of a band that needs a good producer.  They have good parts and need to cut and paste them into a dynamic Frankenstein.  I would also like to see a few more sides of them.  Some anger or another emotion besides carefree boredom.  That’s cool, I like it, but it needs to expand.
The vocal delivery also needs more range.  I feel Amanda’s voice, and to watch how it comes out via the video for “The Robbery” is a treat.  That is where I think they really shine.  When you see who is making the music and how it is being expressed it always adds another dimension to that expression.  Art should make you hate it or love it when you first take it in.  I think that way you are more prone to investigate. 
-So For me The Anti-Job did its job.
You can check out the EP and the video for yourself @