Rios Lets Us Know He Will ‘See You In My Dreams’

One of the best aspects of the independent music world is the ability for artists to do their own thing. They can make the music they want without anybody telling them what they can and can not do. Our friend Rios is back to continue showing exactly this with his new imaginative single “See You In My Dreams.”

The genre bending artist has built up a string of singles that shows a wide range of influence. Rios uses an edgy mix of sounds that includes everything from 50s style rockabilly and jump blues to punk rock, and even modern electronic music. The uniqueness has set him apart from what is going on out there today. Rios does it all himself. From writing to arranging to producing to recording, and playing every instrument on his records. A truly independent musician.

On his newest single “See You In My Dreams” Rios turns up the mix of sounds even more. A smooth R&B sound eases us into the track. Soon after the energy pops with a rap-influenced vocal with some innovative production. Effects draw in the interest of the listener. Atmospheric sounds build up the energy with a modern dance beat meshed in to keep the flow going. Next level songwriting.

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