Rob Jamner is ‘Holding Stones’ In New Video

Our friend Rob Jamner has released his new album Holding Stones and shared the amazing music video for the title track with us. The beautiful storyline created by Andy Strong works perfectly with the poignant lyrics of the song.

We got a little backstory about the song from Rob Jamner himself:

The character in “Holding Stones” holds on to her grudges and her grief like stones, but even as she is hurting, she is healing, and she dreams of a day when she can skip the stones away. I did not write this song about anyone in particular, but it is inspired by a lot of people I know, including myself.

Rob is always open with Indie Band Guru. He shared his ideas in a Guest Post about creating art within the songwriter community. He is willing to put his heart, soul, and mind out there for us all to share.

  Listen to more of the album on your favorite streaming platform HERE.

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