Robert Eberle Wonders “Why Did I Lose a Friend”

Exceptional young New York based Singer/Songwriter Robert Eberle recently released his new single “Why Did I Lose a Friend” to Spotify and all the major services on Wed Sept 30th, 2020.

Written and engineered by the talented singer/songwriter/keyboardist/guitarist/producer, with help from Denz Beatz and the mixing and mastering magic by Colton Lava, “Why Did I Lose A Friend” chronicles the harrowing details of a long time connection soured, and of the made up tale that ended their childhood bond forever.

A Story of a Relationship Destroyed by Ludicrous Lies and Deceptive Denial

Words wound. Rumours wreck – and “Why Did I Lose A Friend” reminds us to stand up for the truth, no matter what the cost. How we treat and respect others is how we should expect to be treated in return; and once you are betrayed you lose all trust – and if you don’t have trust, you don’t really have anything at all.

For More Information on Robert Eberle, Go To: 

Instagram: @roberteberle1

Facebook: @roberteberlemusic 

Twitter: @EberleMusic

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