“Run Away” With Ruby Greenberg

With all that is going on in the world right now, sometimes you just want to run away. The newest single from New York City singer songwriter Ruby Greenberg “Run Away” tells of longing for home in Colorado. Greenberg is a storyteller, writing warm music in an indie-folk style. This song is the first of several singles and is a great introduction to her sound.

Colorado native Ruby Greenberg is writing music as grand as the Rocky Mountains while retaining a humble folk inspired sound. Her music is poetic, conveying imagery and emotion through her impressive singing. Taking influence from other songwriters such as Joni Mitchell and Brandi Carlile, Greenberg has a way with words that shows a deep familiarity with the singer-songwriter genre. Her music shows a reverence of nature that is reflected in her actions as an avid environmentalist. Through playing at live benefit concerts has given back to her home state of Colorado through generating aid for public land protection.

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“Run Away” begins with a simple piano part and Greenberg singing over it, remembering the days back home. This minimalist approach is lonesome before reaching a liberating chorus. The song builds up, drums kick in adding percussion and different instruments add harmony. All of the elements of this track add up to create a grand expansive sound, while interesting chord progressions take this song on a journey back towards home.

In the lyrics Greenberg describes the bustling and chaotic, yet empty feeling city life. Tension builds up and something has to give, with the latter half of song being an escape back home. Setting you free with its lush and expansive sound, the welcoming vast openness of Greenberg’s description of home contrasts with the beginning of the song.

Be sure to check out Ruby Greenberg’s recent single, “Run Away”. This song from the New York City based singer-songwriter gives a fond description of home in Colorado during a time when many of us are longing to get away. This track is a great introduction to Greenberg’s sound and shows off her songwriting ability.

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