Saccadic Eye Motion Reveals its ‘Silver Soul’

Israel puts out great music and Saccadic Eye Motion is one of the standouts. He just released Silver Soul and it is totally worth a listen… or ten.


Its got 21 songs that are a combination of digital and live sounds, creating an album that occupies a space between ambient pop, meditation music, and experimental. Saccadic Eye Motion creates a sound that is so beautiful and intricately laced with a balance of acoustic, electric, and digital tones. This album is a step into an idealistic future.

Saccadic Eye Motion Makes Music that Requires Contemplation

The most striking aspect of Silver Soul is its variety. Every single song out of the 21 sounds quite different, while still fitting into its sonic aesthetic. This is certainly something to praise especially because of the repetitive components of the songs, rhythmically and melodically.


“Monotonic Lifestyle” is an instance where the entire six and something minutes does not change its course of patterned movement. “Everything Ecstatic” is another one that is driven by this repetition. Both are alike in this sense, but Saccadic Eye Motion adds different digital effects that make appearances on only one or two songs on the album. Some are used less so.


The duo of “Pre Demolition” and “Post Demolition” is, when considered together, one of the highlights on the album. There is such a subtle change of rhythmic detail when transitioning between the two. The former is a hair slower, seemingly building up tension and then continues to speed up until the end, where the tempo is the same as “Post Demolition.” Its quite a somber set of songs and wonderfully interesting with intricate details shifting as they progress.


Silver Soul is split in two. The first half is almost assessing the problems facing the Earth, while the second half is a hypothetical look into a kind of post-Earth future. Songs like “Apollo Wolves,” “Step into the Heliosphere,” and “Lookback”’ give way to this idea of the future.


The album is wonderfully contemplative and leaves listeners in an instant trance. Saccadic Eye Motion is a treasure, making music that isn’t obvious in its conceptual nature and doing so in a beautiful way that begs investigation. Silver Soul is a long look into the reflections of where the world is at and where we go from here.

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