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‘Can’t Take It’ by Sam Hale – IBG Music Video Premiere

We are extremely pleased to premiere the latest music video by the amazing Sam Hale. Get ready for a dark and wild trip with “Can’t Take It”

We caught up with Sam to learn the story behind the video. Read his description below:

The concept of this video revolves around the idea of group manipulation. In our society, we are both positively and negatively affected by the power of the group. There have been studies done to show that people are more likely to follow the lead, regardless of how irrational it may seem. Every once in a while, there is an outlier.

In this video, we pay homage to our lead mouse who is captivated by the cult leaders persuasive ways yet smart enough to realize the mistake he’s about to make is fatal. 
After the lead mouse sees the other mice dying off from the ceremonial cheese, that in theory is to take you to the Gods, he decides to run away. This ignites a chase scene that is supported by the uplifted bridge of the song. 

The mouse thinks he got away when he wakes up from the terrible dream but realizes the dream was real when the cat walks by and his eyes flash for a split second. 
We wanted to have some fun with the video and have a bit of a twist at the end 🙂

Mission accomplished!

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