Sara Laine Shows Off Her ‘Sign Of Love’

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, our recent discovery Sara Laine has made music a part of her entire life. From a young age the singer and recording artist was strumming on an acoustic guitar and developing song ideas. Through the years she has developed her own multi-genre sound that borrows from Rock, Country, Americana, and even R&B genres. Emotions from the heart stand out in her songwriting.

Collaboration breeds quality. Some notable names that Sara has worked with through the years include multi-instrumentalist Robert M. Powell, guitarists Mark Karan and Tom Finch, keyboard player Susie Davis, and bassist Andius Jent. Surrounding herself with this talent has led to a string of quality singles. 

The newest single is the fun “Sign of Love.” There is a lighthearted feel to the track as a peppy beat keeps the energy positive. The vocals of Sara Laine brighten up the song even more with her dynamic delivery. She hits all over the map with Americana and pop elements taking their turn. The top notch production fills every corner of the speakers here. The talent is evident throughout. 

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