Sea La Rosa Starts It Off With ‘Life Goes By’

Sometimes a band comes together quickly and things all fall into place. Musical fate steps in to make the right connections that lead to great music entering our world. Our recent discovery Sea La Rosa is just getting started but seems to be on to something quite fast.

The five-piece band is made up of Harvey McGowan (lead singer), Jake Rodger (lead guitar and songwriter), Will Jones (bass) and Sam Hills (drums) all formerly of The Dukes, as well as George Hardaker (rhythm guitar) to complete the band. Together as Sea La Rosa they craft a big expansive indie rock sound. Although only officially launched in September of 2022, the group already has their first single out with plans for more single releases before the new year. Plans are moving fast as Sea La Rosa is already planning multiple live shows throughout England in early 2023. 

Start The Journey With ‘Life Goes By’

For their debut Sea La Rosa offers up “Life Goes By” for us to enjoy. What a great introduction. Producer Michael Smith of Ryp Recordings of North West London was brought in to add his recording skill. Drums attack right from the start to get the energy level up. As a steady rhythm comes together Harvey McGowan eases into the vocals with his smooth and emotion-laden voice. The beat keeps the tempo up as sounds blend to form a full sonic backdrop for the listener to get immersed within. There is a LOT to take in here. Influences creep in from 80/90’s house music for a dance feel but paired with a British Rock sound we get something original yet memorable.

We look forward to keeping up with Sea La Rosa to see where they take us from here. Follow along on their INSTAGRAM.

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