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IBG Premiere – Sean Waterman Gives Us All His ‘Devices’

Any musician should always be trying to further their own sound. Repeating the same thing over and over again becomes stale very quickly. Not only for the musician but also for the fans they may have picked up along the way. Our new friend Sean Waterman has taken a tried a true genre and brought it to the next level.

Music has been a big part of the Brooklyn, NY born artist’s life for a long time. A flyer for music lessons found its way into a fourth graders book bag setting into motion a passion for song. Guitar playing became as important as eating. This paid off in a talent for Sean Waterman that is undeniable. 

After moving to Atlanta, Georgia at age 14, songwriting became a focus. Taking influence from such songwriting legends as Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, Michael Jackson, and Bob Marley. To further his own unique style, Sean Waterman took the acoustic singer-songwriter sound and added layers on top of it. All while still holding onto the heart and soul of the genre.

Today, June 18th, 2021, IndieBandGuru is proud to premiere the newest album by Sean Waterman, Devices. The 9-track record shows off his growth as a songwriter. Right from the opener “Rules”, we can feel the emotion and delicate care he puts into his songwriting. As the song progresses, layers are added to build a full soundscape not found in the genre very often.

Lyric Video for “Rules” by Sean Waterman

This is taken even further on “Bodies” as synth and drum machine layers are added to create a fully encompassing warmth to the song. Paired with the emotional vocal delivery of Sean Waterman pull the listener in even closer. The title track “Devices” takes this even further with an energy-fueled beat bouncing all over the speakers. Reminiscence of the imagination of Radiohead comes to mind here as the song shows off an experimental touch.

The beauty of “Swerve” brings a soft and cozy sound back. We are deep within Sean Waterman’s grasp now. The feelings are there while the sound of multiple instruments encapsulates the room. This vocal emotion is shown off again on “Don’t Let Me Down.” We are drawn into the story, and the mind, of a songwriter unafraid to share what is in there. Be it with his unique flavor.

As we reach the closer “Flatline” the album is wrapped up well with a warm, yet full sound. The slowed-down tempo gives the listener the time to wind down and accept the journey they have just been taken on. Devices is a complete album in this way in a time when singles have become the norm. This is a record that we will be listening to over and over.

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