See Your Shadow tells Us ‘It Starts With Hello’

“It Starts With Hello” is the latest single from See Your Shadow Songwriting, a project headed by one Michael Coleman, also endearingly known as The Metropolitan Cowboy. He’s been laser focused lately on bringing country music back to the forefront, and he’s been hard at work this past year.

The brand new song is the group’s third single so far this year, and it’s yet another great showing for the merry band. Like most of See Your Shadow’s songs, it tackles a rather important topic with the brevity and sincerity that it deserves.

“It Starts With Hello” is a passionate song about accepting diversity and other people. Lyrically, it’s very straightforward and direct to the point, which works for the song. It’s all delivered very sincerely by the lead singer, with some dreamy guitar riffs in the background. The down to Earth message is pretty touching, and it’s much appreciated in the current climate.

According to Coleman, “It is when we interact with different types of people from different cultures, different political beliefs, different socio-economic backgrounds, different sexual orientations, and the like, that one word, hello, is what kicks off our ability to engage, learn and grow. It sets the stage for everything.” It’s an important message to keep in mind, and one that Coleman is a staunch believer of.

When it comes to the music, “It Starts With Hello” isn’t all too ambitious. It’s focused on delivering a grounded and comfortable sound, without experimenting too much. Between the many repeated ‘Hellos’ in the chorus to the soft smooth piano that comes up in the middle of the song, it’s all crafted very nicely. The production too is kept simple, playing to the single’s strengths.

As we said earlier, “It Starts With Hello” is yet another great showing from See Your Shadow Songwriting. It features a poignant message about people and acceptance of all cultures and traditions while remaining musically interesting and likable. We recommend giving the song a listen, it’s enjoyable and worth anyone’s time.

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