SheBeat reminds us to ‘Believe’

SheBeat (aka Jodie Schofield) returns with a new ray of sunshine called “Believe”. It is a song that was assembled back in 2014 and was offered as a free download on Soundcloud for kindness project Be Lovely Day. With its positive message, Jodie felt it needed a re-release. 

SheBeat Jodie said: “With everything against us for the start of the year with lockdown fatigue and covid anxiety, it’s an uplifting song about taking life by the love handles and making your best (lockdown) life happen. My Dad always tells me to believe in myself, a really empowering simple message I want to share and remind myself of!”. 

It is worth checking out the single’s artwork. It features the talents of Glasgow-based artist, Tom Heinsohn. Schofield says “The artwork shows me flying through the local landscape of North Edinburgh, like a Monty Python character, spreading hope and smiles. Tom had created the portrait for my birthday last year. I superimposed it onto a shot I’d recently taken in Newhaven harbour”.

Now to talk about the single “Believe”. As soon as the song begins, it’s difficult to resist its happy go lucky vibe. It features a simple but infectious strumming pattern. Something that can be played along by using C, Am and G chords. The positive soundtrack is not only reflected in her sound but within her words too. It is clear to hear from the opening lines “Be the change walk the walk / This ain’t the time to be all talk / Live your life love your work / Be the best that you can be”.

There is a charm to the simplicity of the song and its words, especially in its delivery. The warmth to her tone and honesty that gives her words more of an impact. There are many moments when this quality excels further. A great example is the lines “There’s no quick fix you gotta give your all / Don’t be shy stand up tall”. But none stand out more than its infectious chorus. It doesn’t take long before you find yourself singing along with “Everything is possible if you just believe! / You can live your dream if you just believe!”.

SheBeat’s single ‘Believe’ is a wonderful reminder to keep a positive mood

“Believe” might be a short track as it is just under 2 minutes long. However, like most impressive forms of art, it provokes emotion. In this case, its positive message is a great pick me up and something which is needed in this crazy world. There is more music to come from SheBeat throughout the year, including her debut album. Until then, it is recommended you listen to her previous work via her Bandcamp page.

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