Skinny Knowledge wants us to pay attention to the ‘Stereo’

Skinny Knowledge returns with another track you’ll want to turn up to the max. Following “I Wonder” (released earlier in the year), the band are looking to build on the great reception their debut album Don’t Turn Out The Lights received. “Stereo” promises to deliver more big rock riffs and infectious hooks, but with a slightly heavier soundtrack. Andy L Smooth (lead vox/guitar) says, “The track covers the serious topic of addiction through the metaphor of music. A feeling of complete overwhelmingness but having no real desire to fight it. You’re convinced that it’s helping you through everyday life. Addiction can be a scary place, but putting your mind to something good, like music, can be its own therapy”. 

He continues, “The majority of the song treats the addiction as if it’s a bad thing, but by the breakdown (“free me stereo, help me save my soul”), it’s coming to terms that you can channel addiction through a safe and proactive means. I think it’s common for artists, musicians, and creatives to express some of their deepest emotions through their art form, and there’s nothing wrong with that. If anything, it’s a good thing. Music can be a powerful tool to express your thoughts, and Stereo helps share that”.

As soon as “Stereo” begins, the listener hears a single guitar with its captivating riffs. Then, the drums burst in with the rest of the band to create its heavy rock vibe. With the mood set, Smooth lets his voice fly with the opening lines, “Helpless, careless, I can’t run from this / Pounding, hounding in my mind / Endless distress, constant state of regrets / This bleak repeat, will the silence end?”. It not only showcases his vocal talents but the depth of his songwriting. He moulds his words to help put across the feelings relating to addictions.

As always, Skinny Knowledge knows how to create an infectious hook. “Stereo” is no exception. They are simple lines delivered with power and purpose. It makes it easy to sing along to, “When I belong to the stereo / A beat inside that makes me lose control”. Smooth’s voice continues to stand out more and more as the song continues. Especially as he delivers, “Countdown pulsing through my veins, until I get my fix / Traps the rhythm of my brain”. The execution of this moment is outstanding. 

The tempo slows down before the final section. It is a quiet moment with a gentle delivery of the repeated lines, “Free me stereo / Help me save my soul”. As previously mentioned, it’s about “coming to terms that you can channel addiction through a safe and proactive means”. After that, everything explodes into action. It moves like a juggernaut as the band ferociously brings the song home. Not to be outdone, the vocals get unleashed as the chorus hits hard to help bring the track to a close. 

Skinny Knowledge are more than just music as their single ‘Stereo’ remind us about their lyric talents.

When “Stereo” reaches its end, it leaves you wanting more. This is all thanks to great songwriting and infectious energy woven within their music. Don’t worry, as there is more to come from Skinny Knowledge. Hopefully, it will be sooner rather than later.

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