Spencer Goldman Will “Breakthrough”

Spencer Goldman is coming out swinging with a breakout debut track “Breakthrough.” Goldman is expressing himself through his music, only 23 years old but has plenty to share. “Breakthrough” is an emotional track, reminiscent of the golden age of pop punk.

As a singer, songwriter, and producer, Goldman is familiar with the modern music scene and is ready to make his mark on it. “Breakthrough” is a modern-sounding track with sleek production and an energetic rhythm. It’s also clear that Goldman is putting a lot into these tracks, expressive vocals and energetic instrumentals make this track hit hard.

Its exciting to hear such flashy guitars in a song with as much pop appeal as Goldman brings to this track. At its core the song is danceable and fun, expressing some relatable emotions “Breakthrough” is a song you can sing your heart out to.

The heart-racing energy of the song is amplified by the chorus. The percussion sounds huge, with pounding stadium-sized drums. The guitars fit right into the mix, not overpowering any other element. Vocals soar over the instruments with a catchy hook that makes this song one to remember.

Spencer Goldman is a promising new artist and his debut “Breakthrough” puts him on the map. Keep your eyes on Goldman as he is sure to be making waves in the future.

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