The Spiral Theory Welcomes The ‘Turn Of The Tide”

There are many well known bands that got their start playing covers. It is a great way to perfect your chops and also get some practice on stage. Another great bonus is the opportunity to create some income with your music that you can turn into promotion for your original music. Our latest find The Spiral Theory has put in the work and is now ready to release their debut original album.

The 4-piece group is made up of Sandeep Swaminathan (Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar), Joe Liranzo (Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals), Alan Dennis (Drums), and Clarence Poirier (Bass). Together they have been playing for a while performing note-perfect tributes to The Police, U2, and R.E.M. Their love of the golden age of rock has propelled The Spiral Theory to branch out into their own sound. It has become a unique blend of modern pop melodies, vintage guitar tones, and progressive rhythms. The next golden age of modern rock is here.

The band has recently released their debut Turn Of The Tide. The 8 track record brings it all together for something that honors the past while also bringing a fresh sound to rock music. The opener “Brace For Echo” starts off with a bang. The skill of the band members is on full display as they each take turns highlighting their talent.

The Spiral Theory shows they can slow it down as well with “Shoreline”. The emotion-laden track lets Sandeep’s vocals create the imagery. A sweet guitar solo by Joe Liranzo adds to the true rock sound. “Joker’s Game” turns the energy back up with a classic rock feel that keeps the feelings going. More emotions are brought to light on “Open Your Eyes”. This is a complete modern rock band.

The record closes with the most epic undertaking on “Time Of The Blackened Sun”. At over 6 and a half minutes it enters progressive rock territory. The blend of genres and themes allows the band to truly express themselves and what they can do. They can go in any direction they see fit.

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