Spiricom Takes Us To Another World in Sound with ‘Hammer Of Witches’

Music is a learned art. The skills and knowledge needed to create great music do not often come naturally. It takes teaching. When two very smart individuals come together with a passion for crafting unique music amazing things can happen. This is the case with our most recent discovery Spiricom.


The musical collaboration from Ohio is made up of Steven K. Smith and Marc Cody. Together they bring an imaginative style of music that is difficult to put into words. Smith who handles the programming, percussion, keyboards and synthesized guitar, is a new media artist who also acts as a producer and engineer. His vast knowledge is expressed his recognition of a Masters of Visual and Performing Art from Charles Sturt University.


Lead guitarist Marc Cody started experimenting with sounds at an early age discovering the joys of droning soundscapes on his little recordable tape player. Also a seeker of knowledge, Cody secured Masters degree in Education from Kent State University.


Spiricom Will Make You Question The Sonic Experience


Back in March, Spiricom released their Hammer Of Witches EP to share their grand vision in sound. Although only 3 songs, the EP sits at a full 31 minutes of music. We are welcomed to the album with “Strappado” and its slow build setting up the listener for a fully immersive sonic experience. The textures build on one another to fill out the speakers.


There is a more alternative rock feel on “The Burn” as a pounding drumbeat leads the charge. The distorted guitars take center stage next as they craft a full sonic landscape that puts a joy into the music that was in question at first. By the time we reach the 8-minute mark sound seems to be coming from all angles leaving the mind guessing where to set its focus.


On the closer “The Witch Hammer”, we are brought back to a darker place with fuzzy textures punctuated by an aggressive guitar melody. This one goes in many different directions demanding multiple listens to take it all in.


Dive deeper into the world of Spiricom on their WEBSITE and explore more than just their music.



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